From the recording Alive Again - 2014

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This One's For You

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you don’t think about him anymore
out of sight out of mind
then that song comes on the radio
and the feeling strikes you blind

you hear his voice in every note
like they were written just for you
you pull over on the side of the road
cause you don’t know what else to do

this one’s for you

now you feel just like a kid again
don’t even wipe away the tears
heart busted open on the interstate
haven’t cried like this in years

for once you just let it all flow
let it come back into view
everything that you’ve been holding back
now you feel it breaking through

this one’s for you

I’m seeing the seasons change again
but if I had one wish
I would see your face again

there’s just something about that melody
that takes you back in time
now you can hold on to the memories
and you can finally say goodbye

you’ll hear his voice in every note
like they were singing just for you
drive all night with the windows down
and the moon in your rearview

this one’s for you