She's With Me ~ Acoustic Folk with Grit

The power of women coming together in song – to make you feel connected to something greater than yourself – is the inspiration behind She’s With Me.”

She's With Me

Mandy King - Katy Rexford- Melissa Mitchell - Angela Oudean

She’s With Me was born out of a deep desire to create music with powerful women – music that tells a story, lifts you up, and makes you feel something transcendent.  Whether we are playing in a festival, a family BBQ, or sharing songs in a rural Alaskan village, we bring a unique style to every song.  Each member of the band has been working at our craft for more than two decades. Together, we know our impact is stronger. Driven by a passion to make quality music that resonates and heals, we know and have experienced the impact music can have on an individual and a community.

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