1. Broken

From the recording Alive Again - 2014

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I never saw you the way you wanted me to
It’s like the mirror was broken, cracked wide open
And I saw right through
You never needed me the way I needed to be needed
Disbelieving I stood there bleeding for you
Until I conceded
Your words like fist fell hard
And I slowly fell apart
But I had a secret right from the start
You can’t break a broken heart

The truth is I came to you already damaged
I wore it well and I fought like hell to keep it hidden
But I could not manage
It all came creeping out, seeping out, the way all toxic things do
I swore I learned and I thought I burned it all down
But there was still a little fear left just for you
So my words like knives cut deep
But I was only trying to cut you free
From a truth that you refused to see
You can’t break a broken heart
You can’t give away something that was never yours
After all that has been taken and mistaken from the start
You still can’t break a broken heart