1. Alive Again

From the recording Alive Again - 2014

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Alive Again

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In the summer time ‘neath the sugar pines where the weathers fine all the time
I’m dreaming of the man I love ‘neath the stars above
As a lizard crawls up the cedar walls and an acorn falls from an oak so tall
I can’t describe what I feel inside but I know it’s fine
I feel alive again, oh I feel alive again

No need to hold out hope for a better way cause I believe todays the day
We can all join hands and sing along to a brand new song
Erase the memories of the used to be bring the future on like a brand new dawn
Let the truth be told from our very souls so we all can know
And feel alive again, oh yes feel alive again

and if you have a doubt in your mind
and you think that you can’t find the road to love on your own
Remember you’re not alone
Pick up the phone
I’ll sing this song guide you home