1. Change

From the recording Alive Again - 2014

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It’s early in the morning, She’s lying awake
He didn’t bother to call her, how much more can she take
Spending all the money, he leaves her high and dry
But you know she keeps working, crying why why why why
She says it’s none of my business
None of my never mind
It ain’t my business
Girl, you’ve got to stand up bigger than life sometimes

It’s been my experience that some people don’t change
And it can kinda make you lose your faith in the whole damn human race
But once in a blue moon, someone do
Get led to the water and drink it too
You say it’s none of my business
None of my never mind
No, it ain’t my business
‘Cause everything and everyone’s gotta change sometime

Stand up bigger than life, you’re the only one who can make it alright now
Alright, it’s alright,
Everybody’s got to make a change sometime