From the recording Alive Again - 2014

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Here's My Heart

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Here’s my heart, you can have it if you’re quick enough to grab it
I won’t leave it here for long, I’ll only trust you for a song
So let my life be painted red and I will take you to my bed
Because I know we’re going straight to hell
Here’s my soul a little tattered but I don’t really think that matters
Here’s some patches and some paint so you can cover up the stains
I put my hand upon that drink so I don’t have to think
Because I know we’re going straight to hell

So if you’re the big romancer and you think you got the answer better spit it out
But you can talk until you’re blue because I know it ain’t the truth I’m sure without a doubt

There ain’t no place in this world for us silly boys and girls
With all the hours in the day that we just simply piss away
So give my heart to my Mother and please tell her that I love her
But I know we’re going straight to hell
Yes I’m sure we’re going straight to hell