1. Fly Away

From the recording Freakin' Live - 2003

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Fly Away

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I've been sitting here for days on end
Trying to understand where it all began
I finally figured out that it's not my fault
And it's about damn time that I took what's mine
So I'm getting up and I'm getting out
Gotta find myself a new existence, clear a path of least resistance
I am going to fly away

You can give all your love away
But if the one you give it to never gives it back to you
You might start to feel like that's OK
Like maybe you think it's all your worth, Tell yourself it doesn't hurt
You may never see what's your life could truly be
And that whole becomes a rift inside
That rift becomes a chasm wide
And you may never fly away

So take a step outside the situation
Maybe all you need is just a little inspiration
So raise your voice is if you had a choice
And spread your wings and sing, I'm gonna fly away

So stand up tall u[on that mountain top of life
And hold your head up high
Oh baby don't you cry
I know sometimes it's hard to leave that life behind
But if you never go then you'll never know
That's spark inside your soul, to finally be whole
The strength you have inside yourself
I love that is like nothing else
And you will surely fly away