1. Inside

From the recording Alma - 2006

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I blame myself for everything
The damage done the hurt it brings
I close my eyes so I don't have to see
That I've wasted so much precious time
Believing others dreams but never mine
I closed my mind to what could set me free
Soon these crazy things I feel
They turn into something real
And although I think I've tried
I just keep it all inside

We're taught to give ourselves away
We’re scared inside but never say
We turn our backs so we don't have to feel
But somehow we know there must be more than this
Than just taking all this spoonfed shit
We scratch the surface but don't believe it's real
So we take just what they give
We forget we are here to live
And we give into our pride
And we just keep it all inside

But now this silent veil cold and dark
Has been lifted now it's torn apart
Inside me all along the pain was there to make me strong
So I gather up my energy
I release it and I set myself free
Believing in the things I sing in this song
And now I can't imagine why
I ever let it pass me by
And I laugh until I cry
Cause I can't keep it all inside